Monday, January 05, 2009

Project 365

Hello, blogosphere!

I'm back from a brief blogging hiatus (thanks to a very relaxing holiday break) and have decided to embark upon yet another project for the new year (as if I need another one).

The wonderfully talented ladies at Creating Keepsakes designed a kit called Project 365. The basic purpose is for you to take and scrapbook one picture every day for one year. Said kit is currently sold out, but I thought the idea was a great one. So, I am going to attempt to remember to take one picture every day in 2009. I'm not sure that I'll actually wind up scrapping them, but I thought it would be fun to at least blog about them.

Here are my first five pics of the year.

January 1

Hubby and I rang in the new year with a How I Met Your Mother marathon. We found a lot of similarities between me and Lily. Scary.

January 2

I bought myself flowers. Just because.

January 3

I wasn't feeling very well, so I persuaded Hubby to order in Chinese. I should have taken a pic of his meal, too. I am all vegetables, no meat; he is all meat, no vegetables.

January 4

A little taste of home. Salad dressing from one of my favorite Gainesville restaurants.

January 5

The dread of an all-day conference call. Not an attractive picture, I know. Hello, I work from home. You're lucky I wasn't still in my pajamas. And yes, that is hideously tacky wallpaper behind me graciously left to us by the previous homeowners. Trust me, it's one of the first walls to go. It will seriously give you vertigo if you stare at it for too long.

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Jenny said...

There are groups on Flickr that share these 365 photos. Check it out! :) I have friends involved...They don't post them ALL to the group, just your conference call photo -- I love it! How true it is! I felt your pain! :) Consider creating a personal photostream on flickr in the event the scrapbook doesn't materialize. Have fun!