Monday, May 18, 2009

Enabler alert!

I absolutely love office supplies. Perusing the aisles of Office Max is just as fun as walking around Michaels.

Levenger makes some of the best products. For years, I've been obsessed with their Circa notebooks, but I've never bought them because I couldn't justify the price. Staples to the rescue! Check out their new, reasonably priced Rolla line.

It's like a beautiful marriage between a spiral notebook and a binder.

Okay, so not the most interesting blog post, but I felt compelled to share my newfound love.


~Kristen~ said...

Oh my! Notebooks are a weakness of mine! I think I will be stopping at Staples later!!! Seriously, I so get what you mean about office supply stores. I especially love when the school supplies start popping up in the summer...and I don't even have kids!!! :-)

Margie said...

I use to collect Pens and Notebooks when I was in High School! I love all kinds of books! and this is a very interesting one! I may have to go and get one for 2 reasons ;) #1- Just because! and #2- maybe it can be altered into something prettier, lol!
TFS!!! :*)

Jenny said...

I, too, am a sufferer of School/Office Supply Sickness. I think it is an early symptom for all educators... :)

J. Leigh Designz said...

LOL, index cards and post it notes here LOL!