Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did someone say free books?

I'm really excited to have found Read Now Sleep Later, a blog about books. Having no more Twilight, Harry Potter, or Sookie Stackhouse books to read (insert whine), I am on high alert for recommendations, and so far, it sounds like frootjoos and I have similar tastes.

Even better, there is a BIG contest going on right now. Check it out here, and you could win a free book!


Margie said...

Oooo! How awesome!
I've been whining for weeks!!! LOL!

TFS :*) margie

Anonymous said...

totally cool- I so checked that out already and it's such a great list that i'm going to have to make a trip to my book store!

have a great night!

only 4 more days until TB!!!