Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm really excited about my two latest Big Picture Scrapbooking projects, both of which are Cathy Zielske's brainchildren.

Twitter: My Life in 140 Characters
I think we've well established that I'm addicted to Twitter. So imagine how quickly I jumped on Cathy's class to make sense of my random tweets and turn them into a scrapbook.

I used DCWV's All Dressed Up stack to cover an American Crafts Modern 6x6 album. The title wrap is Cathy's design and was available in her class.

I'm still working on the pages, but here are a few I created during my LOAD adventure. Again, the template is Cathy's design.

(As much as I like the Eric Northman page, there's really only one of these. Picasa randomly duplicated a page to balance the collage. I guess the computer thinks he's gorgeous, too.) I'm contemplating turning the 2009 stamp into a descriptor so that I can organize pages by category (e.g., Pop Culture, Food, etc.). Fortunately, the pages are digital, so it will be easy to change.

Me: The Abridged Version
Also in the works is my pre-class assignment for Cathy's September class, based on Amy Krause Rosenthal's Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life (which is a great read). I dressed up the brainstorming tag book (why not?) by inking the edges and adding a flower.

If you're interested in this class, registration is still open for a few weeks.

And now, back to my studio to continue working on these scraptastic projects!

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~Kristen~ said...

I *love* how you covered the binder album! Those AC albums are my favorite!

You are right...Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life was a great read! Looking forward to seeing the pages you create in the class!