Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breaking the rules

Since all I have for you today are random thoughts, I decided to break the rules and play Friday Fragments on Sunday. I'm such a rebel!

Friday Fragments?

*And speaking of memes (and doing them on the wrong day), Saturdays have a new meme from knitpurlgurl: Saturday Word Wall.

I actually created this on the right day but neglected to post it, so here it is a day late.

What a fun way to recap your day!

*My girl Jenny has a fabulous giveaway on her blog right now. Check her out for a chance to win an 18x24 custom poster!

Neurotic, Yet Classy

*My Patrick Swayze marathon continued today with The Outsiders (the complete novel version) and Dirty Dancing (the 20th anniversary edition). While I've seen these movies countless times, what I hadn't yet watched were the Dirty Dancing special features. O.M.G. There is one deleted scene (do not click if you are at work or have children with you) that had it been included, I'm pretty sure the movie would have required a rating higher than PG-13. *swoon*

*I am first catching up on all the TV I missed while I was in Portugal. One of the shows I DVR'd was the Daytime Emmy Awards. Sesame Street was celebrating their 40th year of broadcasting (WOW). By far the best moment of the show (although I was super excited that Susan Haskell won Outstanding Lead Actress) was seeing the Sesame Street cast's acceptance of their Lifetime Achievement award. Enjoy a stroll down memory lane with Big Bird and crew. And have a great night!


Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

Wow. How are you gonna have Sesame Street and THAT scene in the same post? I'd never seen it before and ... yowzers!

Cheryl said...

I felt the need to sprinkle my post with some innocence after including such a blush-worthy link. :)

Jenny said...

ok, I've never seen that scene before. That was pretty impressive....

On a much "cooler" note, thanks for the giveaway promo post! :)