Saturday, September 12, 2009

Castles, palaces, and toys (oh my!)

Okay, my photo bug is getting worse. I took 231 pics today. My camera is going to feel so unloved once it gets back to the States.

Since today is a 12 of 12, I decided to select only 12 photos to share with you today. I'm a little too tired to scrap them right now, so I'll have to post the layout at a later date.

From top left: 1) pretty flowers; 2) artwork in Liberty Park; 3) a name placard that is as charming as the town of Sintra; 4) the "cool room" at Sintra National Palace; 5) the gardens at Sintra National Palace; 6) the ceiling of Blazings Hall at Sintra National Palace, depicting the coat of arms of every family that resided there; 7) army recruitment in Sintra; 8) Sintra Toy Museum; 9) the doll attic of Sintra Toy Museum; 10) Quinta da Regaleira; 11) Labyrinthic Grotto at Quinta da Regaleira; 12) beautiful tile work lining a Sintra street

Well, my vacation is just about over. I have only one day left here, and it'll probably be pretty low key given that it's a Sunday, my dad's birthday, and the eve of transatlantic travel. With all that I've been fortunate enough to explore, there is still so much left unseen. I guess that just means I'll have to come back. J

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Yvette said...

Beautiful pics!! I would never want to come home! :)