Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm not *that* shallow

Mommy Melee and Katy at Girl Talk Thursday want to know which actor/actress we love even though he's/she's not - well, going to make it on one of "those" lists.

Many of you noticed my "type" when it comes to fantasies, but in reality, my little black book was devoid of the Eric Northmans of the world. That's because something I treasure more than looks in my real life is the ability to make me laugh.

If I weren't already married, I'd move to NYC and take permanent residence outside 30 Rock so that I could make Andy Samberg fall in love with me.

This guy makes me laugh so hard when I watch him that I'm usually snorting in tears before too long. A guy that is willing to dress up like Cathy for a laugh is SEXY. And don't even get me started on his raunchy digital shorts.

Besides, imagine the awesome curls our offspring would have. ☺


Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

I completely agree. I actually think he's pretty damn hot ... and then he's hilarious and irreverent, too. Killer combo.

Hadiyah said...

Oh, I forgot about him. He is too funny. Pretty cute too! Now I want to find some of his work on youtube so I can have a good laugh.

Katy said...

Men who wear powdered wigs are hot. (John Cleese - A Fish Called Wanda)

I also like it when guys rack their nuts for my amusement - your guy and Hot Rod.

Mmmm, thanks gentlemen.

~Jennifer~ said...

I love me some Andy Samberg. All my good sex dreams revolve around him.

Yvette said...

lol... You are hilarious!

claudia said...

How could I have forgotten about him?!! Sheesh, he is so awesome!

Chibi Jeebs said...

I love Andy Samberg! He's hilarious. And cute. And "Jizz in My Pants"? CLASSIC. lol