Saturday, December 05, 2009

December Daily 5: What December Means

These days, living in the North, December means snow.

Today was our first real snowfall that accumulated.

December also means me vacillating between stress (see December Daily 3), hypersensitivity, and total mania that prompts me to decorate like the Energizer bunny.

Today, I added a second (Charlie Brown) Chrism tree and another set of stockings to our family room downstairs.

Perhaps not a traditional notion, December also means SEC football championships.

While most of us Gators watched the game tonight like Aaron Hernandez, head in our hands -

- I still feel nothing but pride for my boys, who had a great season, and for Tebow, who had a great career.

No matter what the score, it's always great to be a FL Gator!


NeuroClassyMommy said...

The snow up there is gorgeous! Especially looking at it from inside a warm and toasty window. :) And my house is continuing to collect more and more decorations's a sickness, isn't it?

And, ditto about Florida. I'm still hurtin' today, but I'm still proud. I love my Gators - forever and always. :) Thanks for being there with me!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Too cute-I just love it all-enjoy the snow! I'm hoping to be in Tennessee and miss the NY snow lol.
Hopefully we won't get "snowed in" lol.

Everytime the Gators are playing I tell hubby that your a fan and he's like, so am I but he is cheering for the other team because of the pool lol.