Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December Daily 8: A Very Nail Chrismukkah

If you are family (looking at you: Mom, Mike, Diane, Celeste), STOP READING. It will ruin our holiday card surprise. Close your window. Right. Now.

After reading some really bad (we're talking B. A. D.) holiday newsletters that were sent to my MIL, Hubby and I took it upon ourselves a few years ago to write and send funny ones. It honestly started as a joke, but the first one was so well received, we were encouraged to see how far we could push the envelope. Each year, there is pressure to top what we did the previous year. I'm pretty sure this one will never be topped. I present to you: A Very Nail Chrismukkah.

(click to enlarge)


{melissa} said...

hahaha! so funny :-) "I in my pj's, my mac in my lap" might be my favorite part! ...as I sit here in my pj's with my mac in my lap ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very creative!

Jennifer Perez said...

Melissa... Ditto

Cher this is so funny... You are very creative... I was waiting for Latke Larry to make an appearance too... =o)

Yvette said...

This is hilarious and very creative! Love it!

Anonymous said...

that was incredible-you guys rock!