Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happiness is... (aka what I've been up to this fall)

... taking a break when you need it and not beating yourself up for doing so. Even if it's a break from something you usually enjoy. And the break lasts for two months. And it means not meeting some goals you had set for yourself.

... having time to take in sights before seeing a dear friend get married.

... live performance that incorporates two of your favorite things. Ballet and vampires? It's like the creators live inside my mind!

... enjoying pretty leaves while wearing a tank top (hello, best of both worlds!).

... seeing a favorite book brought to life perfectly.

... the comfort of traditions that remain despite our nontraditional way of celebrating Thanksgiving 2010

(which included shopping and eating our way through Charleston).

... relaxing with a glass of champagne and a good book in the middle of the afternoon on what would normally be a workday.

... going out on the town with Hubby.

... enjoying eight nights of candlelight to honor rededication and freedom of religion.

... salted caramel hot chocolate.

... finding and becoming part of a welcoming community where people have important things in common but are also so beautifully diverse.

... re-watching a favorite series. And knowing once you finish it, you can watch it again.

... finding the perfect holiday present. For yourself.

... warm snuggles with the kitty.

... returning to the blogosphere rested, refreshed, re-inspired, and ready to reconnect.

Happiness is... (from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown)


margie c said...

Hello my friend!!! So good to see an update! and I am loving everything that you did! You go girl!!!
We all need a break at times :)
And can you believe that I have yet to try that Starbucks Hot Chocolate aaaaaand see Harry?! Eeeek!!!
Can't wait to see more of what you'll be up to in the new year :)
hugs to you!!!
margie :*)

Kelly said...

Looks like a great 2 months. Welcome back (and can I come snuggle your kitty)?

P.S. That question wasn't meant to be as dirty as it sounds.

Cheri said...

You're back! How cool! You DO look rested and refreshed and seems you've been quite busy having a lot of fun!

Colleen said...

Welcome back lady! MISSED YOU!

Erin said...

Yay! SO glad to see a post from you and also glad that you are relaxed and refreshed!

April said...

LOVE your purse!!! And your kitty looks a lot like my Emma.

I'm glad you had this time to smell the roses. And I'm really glad you're back!!!

Sarabeth said...

what a great season you had miss! i love this post :)

i finally saw HP and still am trying to get margie to go-hopefully she'll get their on Fri- this new amazing job i have gives their employees 1/2 off tickets, can you believe it!?

love ya gf!


April said...

NO WAY!! Angel is on Netflix?!?! How could I have missed this?? We've been watching Dexter the last few weeks . . . have you seen that? CRAZY!