Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving #iPPP recap

Thanksgiving 2011 started as every other has since I was a kid - with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I remember when I thought getting up at 9:00 to see the Broadway numbers was early; now, I find myself kvetching, When is it gonna start? It's getting late! (You know you're old when...)

After the Rockettes finished doing their thang, it was time to pack up for our second annual nontraditional Thanksgiving in Charleston. Mimi heard how much fun we had last year and didn't want to miss out again.

Rae Ray kept me company on the drive there.

After checking in, Hubby and I went to his favorite Irish pub for a pre-Thanksgiving-dinner nosh. 

We toasted the start of our vacation with the obligatory Guinness (and a glass of wine for moi).

The Smithwick's ale cheese dip was so good I may have licked the bowl before letting the waitress take it away.

Who was excited for a seafood Thanksgiving dinner at Hank's? This girl.

You guys, this is seriously the best key lime pie north of Florida.

BLACK FRIDAY! If you're wondering why I'm so excited to see a Tervis store, you obviously have yet to discover the awesomeness of this drinkware and should add it to your Christmas or Chanukah wish list.

There's nothing like a bagel and lox from my favorite bagel shop to fuel me up for more shopping.

Here are our Black Friday spoils. Too bad 3/4 of the bags hold presents for us.

That afternoon we took a stroll through a part of the city we had yet to see. We found a bunch of old cemeteries...

...and several beautiful churches.

Then we enjoyed a late lunch in the lovely garden of 82 Queen.

Butterfly chairs? Yes, please.

Red Lobster's got nothing on these cheddar biscuits!

BBQ shrimp and grits, for the win!

We concluded the day by taking a nighttime murder & mayhem tour, during which we learned that the city was hospitable not only to out-of-town guests, but also to prostitutes and bootleggers, my favorite being Rumpty Rattles Hogan (why do gangsters have the coolest names?). Below is the Big Brick, a brothel made popular for its window shopping convenience.

Saturday morning, we said our goodbyes to Charleston with another trip to The Bagel Shop and a tour of Magnolia Cemetery, where Rumpty is buried along with over 2,000 Civil War veterans and several government officials.

I learned three things on this trip: 1) Our nontraditional Thanksgivings rock, 2) I take more pictures of food than I do people (I'm not sure I want to know what this says about me), and 3) I have a serious addiction to Instagram. How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

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Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I love Charleston! You make me want to go back. I agree about the parade. I used to record it and watch it when I got I get up at 7:30 and 9 seems late ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely looking trip. :)

Cheri said...

looks like fun! I had a very traditional Thanksgiving complete with cleaning, prepping, and cooking for a small army!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Charleston, but you're making me want to go! Great pictures - non-traditional Thanksgiving looks like a lot of fun.

Greta said...

Awesome! I want to go there now. And I agree...non-traditional Thanksgivings are the BEST! We went to San Antonio for a T-Day Sea World visit. :)

KLZ said...

Dude, we should all get gangster names! How fun!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful getaway! I love all the food you got to eat.

Leighannn said...

Wow, you had an amazing trip!
I'm so inspired to go away somewhere great now!
Also? I love your blog design!

Julie said...

Okay seriously.

The wine, the pretzels, the BBQ shrimp, the smiles...

You put my one measly picture of 13-year-old bedroom furniture to shame.

Clearly I need to start eating better.

(And I'll take some wine, por moi, too.)

Desperate Housemommy said...

These are gorgeous.

*wanders off in search of wine and a hot pretzel*

Brittany said...

We watched the parade at our home too. I tried to get my girlies interested in the big balloons, bands, & performances, but didn't have much luck -_-. Maybe when they're older lol.

Your post made me extremely hungry!! Looks like you had a good thanksgiving ^_^.