Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bronzed love

Twelve years ago, I started dating this cutie.

Youth and red hair, how I miss you both.

Four years later, we became man and wife.

I was totes excited about it.

He makes me laugh today just as much as he did then.

And we continue to celebrate over delicious food, as we did on our honeymoon.

My travel agent friend surprised us with a table for two on our cruise.

Tonight, we celebrated our eight-year (bronze) wedding anniversary with food (hello, honey & bacon cornbread and fancy-pants S'mores), laughter, and happy smiles.

I'm grateful for these past eight years and look forward to the next eight years and beyond...



Cheri said...

Happy Anniversary!

laurie said...

What a fabulous day to get married on -- I hear December 18 is pretty much the day for all the great things in life! :)

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet love story!

Unknown said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more!!

Unknown said...

Love this! Your wedding pictures is awesome. Also: bacon makes everything better, right?

Robin @ Farewell Stranger said...

Happy anniversary! You look like a great couple. :)

Greta @gfunkified said...

Oh, happy anniversary, you two! What's better than celebrating with food?!

Sarah Reinhart said...

Hey! we celebrated our 8th anniversary on Dec.17th! Happy anniversary to you guys! It's been a fun trip, no?