Sunday, May 06, 2007

28 and thankful...

In celebration of National Scrapbook Day, I found myself crafting into the wee hours of this morning. This might be my favorite layout to date.

Journaling reads:

28 and thankful...
for knowing how to be alone without being lonely
for knowing that each day is a precious gift
for family that continues to grow
for animals - for hugs - for laughter - for all those who were, are, or will be in my life
for friendships that can survive time and distance
for the sound and smell of the ocean
for my memories - for my love of learning - for Cadbury Eggs - for musical theatre
for creativity
for the days I can wear jeans - for being loved - for uncompromised faith
for all-you-can-eat buffets - for e-mail
for loves both lost and found
for soap operas, reality tv, and reruns of Friends - for pictures
for time that is free from obligations
for being able to dance like nobody's watching - for the soundtrack of my life
for bad times that have made me stronger - for the will to live...really live
being me and having been blessed with a wonderful life for 28 years

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