Thursday, February 05, 2009

I'm it!

Margie, my scrapping buddy and fellow Twihard, from Oh Bumble Me tagged me with a fun and easy meme.

All I have to do is open my 6th picture folder and post the 6th picture in it.

Please don't let it be embarrassing, please don't let it be embarrassing...


This is a pic from the 4th of July in 2006. Our friends' son was in charge of the fireworks and did everyone proud.

Okay, now all I have to do is tag 6 peeps to do the same.

You're IT:
  1. Samantha at Things Best Not Repeated
  2. Jenny at Neurotic, Yet Classy
  3. Amy at Life as I Know It
  4. Jenn at Feeling Geeky
  5. Rachel at Following in My Shoes
  6. Becky at Unleash the Likeliness (dust it off with an easy one, babe)


Margie said...

Great pic! ;)

Amy said...

Mine is up. :)

I should have tagged you back!! :)