Wednesday, September 02, 2009


No, I haven't gone all Mork from Ork on you. That little alphabet soup is the acronym for National Blog Posting Month, and I've decided to give it a whirl.

If I can create a scrapbook page everyday for 31 days, then posting everyday for a month should be a piece of cake, right? Besides, I'm in good company.

A couple of thoughts as I woke up today:
  1. I think maybe, possibly, perhaps (I don't want to admit nor commit to this) I'm becoming a morning person. I'm not sure who I am or where my former self went, but my new self is up and ready (and perky without a drop of caffeine?) well before 7 these days.
  2. Having so much to do this week, I decided to play the "bad wife" card and go all frozen dinners on Hubby. While making our selections last night at the store, I was happily surprised to see that Healthy Choice now makes a mostly vegetarian line of frozen entrees. What's exciting about this is that "vegetarian" options in the frozen foods section (where I live) usually consists of cheese pizza. These are healthy, grown-up meals, and the one I had last night tasted great. Thank you, Healthy Choice! (No, I have not received any sort of compensation for saying that; it's my honest, unsolicited opinion.)
  3. I leave you with this picture on a not-so-wordless Wednesday. It's the constantly growing list of things I hope to squeeze into my not-so-big carry-on bag. Uh, uh-huh.


~Kristen~ said...

I am so tempted to do NaBloPoMo...I have tried to challenge myself to do that in the past and I think the most I have made it is 27 out of 31 days. Maybe I will "informally" follow when I slack off I won't feel so bad!!! lolol :-)

Jenny said...

Yay! This will be SO MUCH MORE FUN with a friend! :) Oh, and I'm still jealous about your trip.

Jen said...

Good luck! I did this last year and it was fun. It was a great exercise for me to write more. I'm going to give it a shot again in November I think. :D