Thursday, September 03, 2009

The one with the list

When I saw today's topic on Girl Talk Thursday (thanks for introducing me to the site, Jenny!) I knew I had to participate.

Who would you put on your "List of Five"?

If this isn't your cup of tea, you should stop reading now so that I don't inadvertently offend you. If you like a healthy dose of bawdy girl talk, scroll on down! J

As I began thinking about today's post, my friends and I became all a-Twitter. Literally. (Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.)
  • Friend1: @secondglantz are you going to try the Thursday event? I think you should! and @Friend2 too! :)
  • Friend2: @Friend1 What is this event you are speaking of? @secondglantz
  • Me: @Friend1 I think I am. You? What about you @Friend2?
  • Friend1: @secondglantz think i'm going to try. not sure who my five would be. tonight it could be anyone. [husband] is not on my good side right now.
  • Me: @Friend1 Aw, I'm sorry. :( I'm having trouble limiting it to five.
  • Friend2: @secondglantz @Friend1 ooh, sounds fun! How much do you want to bet Robert Pattinson is in most lists? ;)
  • Me: @Friend2 I don't have room for him in mine, LOL.
  • Friend3: @secondglantz you are cracking me up. really want to know who your 5 are.
  • Me: @Friend3 LOL, I'm working on it. 5 isn't so many. It's a really tough decision. ;)
  • Friend2: @secondglantz **GASP** BLASPHEMY!
  • Me: @Friend2 Did I just ruin our friendship? LOL. It's nothing personal- I've just been carrying other torches for a lot longer. ;)
  • Friend3: @secondglantz what you really have to consider though is... does it pass the hubby test?
  • Me: @Friend3 Wait, they have to pass a test? Oh, man, this is much more complicated than I realized, LOL.
  • Friend2: @secondglantz No, no. That just means you're one less woman I'd have to beat off of him. ;) I can't wait to see your list... ;)
  • Me: @Friend2 Haha! If he comes knocking on my door, I'll give your address instead. :)
  • Friend4: @secondglantz @Friend2 *horning in on convo* Should I be embarrassed that I pretty much always have a list of 5 ready to go? :-)
  • Me: @Friend4 Of course not! I always have a list at the ready, but I'm so fickle, it changes. I could never laminate mine like Ross, LOL.
  • Friend4: @secondglantz I would never laminate either. I think my top 3 have been the same for awhile, but rotate my choices of #'s 4 & 5.
  • Me: @Friend4 Same here. They're like alternates. :)
  • Friend1: @Friend3 @secondglantz what is the hubby test? did he have to APPROVE this list??? ugh...
  • Me: @Friend1 @Friend3 Someone else just mentioned the hubby test. Why don't I know about this? And what fun is it if Hubby has to approve?
  • Friend2: @Friend4 @secondglantz LMAO you two. I don't even HAVE a top 5. I have like 2.
  • Me: @Friend2 Oh, come on- you can list 5 just thinking about men who play vamps, LOL.
  • Friend1: @secondglantz i vote that passing this test is not required for participation in girl talk. better to ask forgiveness than permission. :)
  • Friend3: @Friend1, @secondglantz, i suppose you two would know more about the hubby test than me. and i'm always a fan of ask forgiveness later. hah
  • HUBBY: @secondglantz & @Friend3, if she doesn't get back to you in a timely fashion, i can give you that list.

{Insert the sound of screeching brakes.} Forget the husband test (whatever that is). It was time to call Hubby's bluff.

It's time for the Newlywed game! Hubby, which 5 celebrities would your wife put on a list to sleep with? Answers please:
Alexander Skarsgard
Rick Springfield
Josh Holloway
Joe Perry
Angelina Jolie
{THUD.} Apparently I don't drool as secretly as I think I do. I have to hand it to him. All five of these have been on my list at one time or another. And I'm definitely not going to kick Joe Perry or Angelina Jolie out of my bed if they come knocking, but they didn't make the final cut. (Or maybe I should say today's final cut. Unlike Ross, I won't be laminating my list.)

Here are my five, in no particular order of hotness.

Michael Easton
If you don't watch soaps, you probably don't know his name. But don't let it stop you from getting to know his face.

I'd get LOST on an island with him any day of the week.

Bite me. Please.

He's had me since 21 Jump Street.

You can be Jessie's girl. I'll be Rick's.

I know my Twi-hard fans are probably going to disown me after seeing that RobPattz didn't make the cut. Here's the thing: if we were making a list of 5 fictional characters, Edward Cullen would be there. But in case you haven't noticed, I like my men a little older (long hair -- in my defense, I started dating in the early 90s when EVERY guy had long hair; old habits die hard -- and tattoos are apparently also a plus). Sorry, Rob. But I know some very nice cougars who would be happy to put you at #1 on their lists.


Colleen @messponential said...

Ah! Michael Easton - yes, yes, he is yummy! He's got the eyes, the throaty, raspy voice... yes please!

Great list!

I must go daydream...

Sawdia said...

Love the list! I agree with you - RPattz prolly wouldn't make my cut, but EC would be #1!! Maybe we should make an alternate list of fictional characters, women, female fictional characters... Ah so many people to theorectically do, so little time!! LOL Love you, MBS! xoxo

Diane said...

Totally forgot Johnny Depp. But, like Angelina Jolie, he seems to be part of this COLLECTIVE LIST. Like, somehow, I think we're just ALL allowed to sleep with them if given the chance.

Really, I just like to come up with ways of making my list as long as possible.

Heather said...

Reason #873 to like yer fella: Perfectly timed tweets. That was the best, most unexpected end to that conversation. For the win!

Bella C. said...

Nice list! And I'm with Heather - your guy is excellent. Okay, going to make a list. Because if I've already spent this much time on it today...

Tatiana said...

Sawyer's pretty hot. I'd do him, but he's not on my Top 5... I went for Matthew Fox instead! ;)

Why Mom Drinks Rum said...

Mmmm, you said Josh Holloway.....he's the only reason I stuck it out with Lost as long as I did. Because honestly? WTF up with that show?

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Right there with ya on the Johnny Depp. 'Cept when he's Jack Sparrow and looks all tweaked out.

Nickie said...

Mmm.. I see so much man yummy-ness. I had a crush on Michael Easton when I was a teenybopper. Good thing I didn't have to make a list then.. lol

the grammar monkey said...

Skarsgard is my new favorite thing. Tall, fabulous, terrible at looking goth. I'll take 2, please.

knoxvillepixie said...

Johnny Depp is a total classic. And Josh Holloway, damn...

Jenny said...

I am in LOVE with this post! :) What fun!!! I love the twitter part - I smiled all the way through it! Just goes to show, we're all still a little boy crazy, huh? I have to work hard on my post tonight now...don't know how I can follow in your footsteps, girl!

Curves in the Road said...

Great list! Johnny Depp was on my list...but I had to bring it down to 5 (kind of, lol)...not easy!

The MeFest Team said...

we only have to fight over Johnny Depp, but we have 4 others each to choose from thankfully-ha ha

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

I agree that Johnny Depp is a given. I didn't add him bc he's on an eternal list.

Josh Holloway is on my list, too. I think we have the exact same photo. I love him all scruffed up and intense.

I stopped myself from listing Jake from AMC. :)

Mommy Melee said...

Points for originality!

Vic said...

If only my list coudl have more than five... Josh Holloway totally deserves an honorary spot!

ScrappingMomof3 said...

OMG! You crack me up girl! I've actually put Johnny Depp in my tag book for MTAV - I've had a thing for him since 21 Jump Street as well. Wouldn't it be fun to see some reruns of those? LOL ~april