Friday, January 01, 2010

And so it begins

Happy New Year!

Like the tree? Yeah, it's not ours (the non-papered walls should have been a dead giveaway that it's not even our house). The Great Christmas Fail of 2009 resulted in us snapping pictures in front of everyone else's trees this year. Fortunately, we actually know the owner of this one.

Today, I did not take down the holiday decorations. Nor did I clean the mess that Wilton threw up all over my kitchen last night. And most importantly, I did not make any resolutions.

I will not promise to work out everyday, cut sweets out of my diet, keep the house clean, spend less money, or wash my car more often. Why set myself up for failure?

But what I will do is pick One Little Word (a dangerous exercise for a wordophile). My word for 2009 was relax. If I had to grade my success, I'd give myself a C+ (I'll probably have to ask Hubby to grade on a curve). I certainly still have a lot to learn about unwinding, but I did a much better job of "not sweating the small stuff." This year, the word is try.

My first action is to try to jumpstart my scrapbooking for the year, so I'm taking two Big Picture Scrapbooking classes (click on the icons below to learn more; registration is still open):

What is/would be your One Little Word for this year? (Yes, I realize I'm opening myself up for a whole lot of trouble with this question. )

I hope 2010 is a happy and healthy one for you all!


Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

My one little word is "accept." I think I do a lot of wishing/hoping/waiting and need to just take it as it is and make the best of what I have.

I, too, forewent resolutions. And I love your tiara! :)

Nadine said...

I don't exactly have a word but
I'm going along the lines with
"accomplish". I hope to achieve
a number of things this year (:

merry new year~

Anonymous said...

how awesome-good for you not creating any resolutions-i have made mine all public in hopes that from the support i get i can accomplish them-hint, hint lol :)

sorry again about your tree-but hey, look at all the trees you don't have to clean up :)

my one little word is MORE-love more, laugh more, more patience...i think that will do me well.

thanks for this great post cheryl and have a happy new year!


NeuroClassyMommy said...

I love this idea! And I love your word - I could have said it for myself, too. :) But, I thought of a different one - and I did my own. Thanks for sharing!!!

April said...

I chose ENGAGE for my one little word this year. Blog post coming soon! :-)