Sunday, April 04, 2010

Set it Sunday

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Take a Second Glantz

This is a quickie tonight, guys, because I'm still under the weather.

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The one good thing about being sick this weekend is that I finally got my taxes DONE. Woot! And the outcome was a pleasant surprise. Bonus!

Thanks to Cheri, The Nutty Brunette, and Kristin for consistently playing along and challenging themselves with ambitious goals. You ladies rock!
Set It
I have one simple goal this week: to finally get back on schedule. Between the previous week's unexpected surprise (which I still need to blog about) and getting sick last week, it has been a while since I have felt up to snuff and in a regular routine.

Sorry to be so brief (or maybe that's a welcome change for you, LOL), but I'm off to bed (again) to hopefully kick this sick to the curb. I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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Take a Second Glantz
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Natacha said...

Get better soon! Makes getting back on schedule easier... ;)