Sunday, April 11, 2010

Set it Sunday

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Take a Second Glantz

Happy Sunday! I hope wherever you are, it's as beautiful by you as it is here. After a difficult workweek, I have been enjoying a glorious weekend, full of good food, productivity, fun, and R&R. But now it's time to think about next week.

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Finally feeling 100% like myself this week, I successfully got back on schedule as intended, and it feels great!

Cheri has done a wonderful job of keeping up with her photos, and holy moly, her scrappy transformations have me drooling. Nicely done, Cheri. I think I know what I need to add to my list of goals one week!

Kristin, did you meet your goal of picking a Ph.D. program? I'm anxiously waiting to hear!!!

Set It
At the beginning of April, I decided to participate in Heather W. Petty's YA Frenzy, the goal of which is to write approximately 850 words/day on your YA WIP (young adult work in progress). The days that I write, I usually write more than the intended word goal, and I usually write fairly well. The problem is that I haven't been consistently working on it everyday. So that's my goal: with the exception of Saturday (when I have a college friend coming to visit - SQUEE!), I will practice YA Frenzy each and every day this week. That means at this time next week, I should have another 5,100 words added to my WIP, and that thought makes me very happy.

On a less fun note, it's that time of year when opening the windows and airing out the house makes me want to get rid of all the junk that's lurking in the closets. This week, I'm focusing on clothing. I'm going to get caught up with the laundry and downsize my wardrobe. Even though it's a task I don't anticipate enjoying, I know I will feel great about the end result.

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Take a Second Glantz
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Kisha said...

5100 words! You can do it! I really need to get myself in gear and focused, I would love to write a book, even if no one read it except for myself. :)

TravelMom said...

Hey lovely, thanks so much for the link. I am now just back from vacation and getting caught up on my blog reading!! Hope whatever it was you didn't write about up top isn't plaguing you too bad. Keep that chin up!!!