Friday, October 04, 2013

FALLing in Love Friday: Knitting

This fall, I've decided to dedicate Friday blog posts to things I'm falling in love with, aka my current obsessions.

I started knitting back in 2009, thanks to my friend Heather, who was patient enough to teach me enough to get myself in trouble with yarn. Over the course of the next year, I knitted several scarves of various basic patterns. Upon moving to South Carolina, I put my knitting needles away. More complicated patterns and projects were too daunting, but the basic scarf, no matter how different the pattern, left me feeling uninspired.

Over the last couple of months, an overactive mind left me unable to enjoy my rare, beloved TV time. I needed a way to unwind, so I tried unwinding a ball of yarn. It was not at all "like riding a bike." It had been so long since I picked up a pair of knitting needles that my muscle memory was non-existent. I'm embarrassed to admit (so I won't) how many times I had to watch YouTube videos to get my hands to do a simple knit again, but after a while (a long while) I was knitting and purling as though I had been doing so all along. Despite some issues with newly developed carpal tunnel syndrome (BOO), I have once again fallen in love with this relaxing much so that I am working on TWO completely different projects simultaneously!

Doesn't this fun yarn make you wonder?
I'll give you a sneak peek soon.

What have you fallen in love with this week?


Alison said...

It's awesome to fall in love with a hobby that you enjoyed before!

Do you know a friend of mine, Alma of She's the queen of knit and crochet, even has her own shop. Also, she's a beautiful writer and person.

Kim Steele said...

How wonderful that you have fallen in love with knitting again!

I have been under the weather this week, so I have fallen in love with cough drops.